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About Eurofins EMLab P&K

Eurofins EMLab P&K, an Eurofins Environment Testing America group company, is a leading commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) laboratory in North America that offers:

You’ll receive legally defensible data on time with the support of superior client service so you can do your best work. You can be confident in our decades of experience combined with our accreditations and state certifications.

Technical Expertise

Eurofins EMLab P&K shares knowledge and expertise with the IAQ community. Our goal is to educate professionals and raise the standard of excellence throughout the industry. Our IAQ experts teach a growing list of educational webinars covering topics including: Mold, Legionella, Bacteria, USP 797, Infection Control, and more. Eurofins EMLab P&K employees contribute numerous publications and abstracts to the IAQ community including: Mycotaxon, Mycological Progress, Biological Sciences, and more.

Industry Innovation and Leadership

Eurofins EMLab P&K has helped pioneer today’s IAQ industry with a growing list of innovations and meaningful contributions including:

  • Mobile apps for iOS® and Android™ devices
  • IAQ Pocket Reference Guide
  • BioCassette™ air sampling device
  • MoldRANGE™ report (typical outdoor spore levels by region and time of year)
  • MoldRANGE™ Local Climate report (zip code-based insights for outdoor spore levels)
  • MoldSCORE™ report (numerical score to help interpret indoor/outdoor fungal data)
  • MoldSTAT™ report (multiple statistical tests to help determine if source of fungal spores is from locations sampled)


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