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Sampling Guides

For your convenience, below are sampling guides for mold, allergens, bacteria, asbestos, lead and USP <797>. These guides will assist you to ensure your samples are taken properly and sufficiently for our labs to analyze. You want to be sure you have a sufficient sample so you can avoid re-sampling.


Mold Sampling

  Spore Trap Sampling

  Surface Sampling

  Culturable Air Sampling

  Dust Sampling


Indoor Allergen Sampling

  Allergen Sampling


Bacteria Sampling

  Coliform Screen with E. coli Sampling

  Endotoxin Sampling

  Legionella Sampling

  Sewage Assessment and Clearance Sampling

  Standard Sampling Protocols


Asbestos Sampling

  PCM Air Sampling

  PLM Bulk Sampling


Lead Sampling

  Lead Based Paint Chip Sampling

  Lead Wipe Sampling


PCR Sampling

  Avian Pathogen Sampling

  ERMI Sampling

  Legionella Sampling

  Meruliporia Sampling

  Mold Sampling


USP Sampling

  USP <797> Sampling