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Meruliporia PCR Sampling

Meruliporia Sampling for PCR Testing


  • To accurately identify Meruliporia (Poria) incrassata from fungal mycelium growing on wood.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Fast, accurate and reliable detection of the brown-rot fungus Meruliporia (Poria) incrassata.
  • Without fruiting bodies, identification of wood decay fungi by morphological characteristics are impractical and unreliable.


  • No specific equipment required


  • Remove a piece of wood containing mycelium of the wood decay fungus or isolate a visible amount (1 cm2 or more) of the mycelium from the wood for testing.
  • Bag the wood or mycelium in a labeled Ziploc™ bag for the analysis.


  • Ship the labeled sample to the lab for analysis.


  • Meruliporia (Poria) incrassata is reported as "present" or "absent".