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USP 800 Testing Lab Services

Eurofins EMLab P&K offers USP <800> testing to assist you with compliance requirements and with protecting your staff. USP <800> will be officially implemented on Dec. 1, 2019. We recommend that you implement your testing program sooner so you know that you are in compliance with USP <800> testing and environmental monitoring.

What is USP <800>? USP <800> provides standards for protecting personnel and the environment when handling hazardous drugs. USP <800> aims to minimize exposure to hazardous drugs in healthcare settings including: pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, physician practice facilities, and veterinary offices where hazardous drugs are compounded. USP <800> testing and environmental monitoring is part of the overall plan to protect your staff.

NOTE: To view sample reports, select a specific USP <800> service below.


USP 800 - Individual Group 1 Drug (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Four Group 1 Drugs (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Seven Group 1 Drugs (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Eleven Group 1 Drugs (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Gemcitabine Hydrochloride (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Individual Group 3 Drug (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Four Group 3 Drugs (sub-contracted)

USP 800 - Platinum Analogues (sub-contracted)

What Is A Hazardous Drug?
A hazardous drug is a drug that can potentially impair reproduction in humans, harm fetuses, cause cancer, poison the organs of humans or animals, or damage/alter genes. USP <800> states, “There is no acceptable level of personal exposure to [hazardous drugs].” Even in low doses, hazardous drugs are not safe humans or animals. As a result, any potential exposure to hazardous drugs must be minimized. A sample list of hazardous drugs used in healthcare setting can be reviewed at:

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