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LabServe® Makes Your Work Easier

LabServe® is the IAQ industry's best-in-class data management system. You can access LabServe® online 24/7 and get the information and documents you need, whenever you need them. You'll save valuable time in data management and report writing.

5 Ways LabServe® Can Save You Time and Money:

  1. Access all your COC's and reports online for every project in LabServe®
  2. Customize your reports by adding, removing or rearranging samples on your report or by choosing the mold lab reports that fit your needs for no extra charge
  3. Login your own projects:
    • Prevent transcription errors from misread handwriting
    • Your projects are processed faster at the lab
    • Print your completed COC with the information you entered
  4. Give your Accounting department direct access to invoices and statements
  5. Access LabServe® through our cutting-edge mobile app on iOS® and Android™

Here's What You Can Do With LabServe®:

Essential features

  • View and download all of your projects, reports and invoices (past and present)
  • Check project status
  • Order sampling supplies and equipment through our Online Store
  • Print FedEx labels for any Eurofins EMLab P&K location (Free shipping with no hidden fees!)
  • Make payments online
  • Manage your account settings

Intermediate and Advanced features

  • Login your own projects online and create electronic COC's
  • Print custom COC's with your company logo
  • Create custom reports
  • Link multiple accounts
  • and more!

Benefits to Login Your Own Projects

  • Online helps to guide you through the process
  • Save time using the autofill feature
  • Access past samples
  • Easily make corrections online (No need to print extra forms)
  • Submit your COC online (No paperwork required)
  • Avoid transcription errors and legibility issues

NOTE: You must be a current client of Eurofins EMLab P&K or Eurofins J3 Resources, Inc. to access all the features in LabServe® and the LabServe® Mobile app. If you don't know your login details, please contact your Project Manager.